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Why 99% of Parents Take Terrible Pictures at Their Kids’ Sports Games – And the Simple Fix

10 Apr

If you have kids who play youth sports, you’ve probably tried taking pictures at their games before. Chances are, some of the other parents do too. Have you ever wished you could take better pictures at the games, to show friends and relatives? I did. When I started taking youth sports photos, they came out […]

Exposure in Sports Photography

9 Aug

In this article, we learned about exposure: what it is and how it affects your images. If you haven’t read that, go back and read it first. It provides some necessary background on exposure. If you’re already familiar with exposure, and want to know how to apply it in sports photography, read on. First off, […]

DSLR Mode Dial: Which Mode Is Best?

9 Aug

Nearly every DSLR has a mode dial. This dial has a lot of letters on it – P, Av, Tv, M, and Auto are just a few you might see. In addition, you’ll probably see some symbols as well – a lightning bolt, a person running, or a flower. In this article, I’ll tell you […]

How Many Photos Should I Take at a Game?

5 Aug

After shooting a full youth sports game, how many photos should you have at the end of the day? There’s no magic number, but you do want to make sure you take enough photos. Here are a few factors that can determine the number of photos you end up with. 1. How long is the […]

Exposure: The Basics of Photography

4 Aug

The concept of exposure is central to every kind of photography. Many photographers leave their camera on Auto mode and let the camera control the exposure settings. However, you can be a lot more creative, and have more control over your image, if you know what the exposure settings mean. A basic understanding of exposure […]

RAW or JPEG – which is better?

17 Jul

There are a few debates in the photography world that seem to never go away. Canon vs. Nikon is one. Another is RAW vs JPEG. In this article, though, I’m going to give you some good info that will hopefully clarify things for you, so that you’ll be able to make your own decision. First, […]

RAW vs JPEG for Sports Photography

17 Jul

RAW or JPEG – an endless debate in the photography community. If you’re not familiar with RAW and JPEG, head over to this article, where we cover the benefits of each. In that article, we talked about RAW and JPEG and their benefits and downsides. But sports photography is a unique type of photography, different […]

The #1 Secret to Taking Professional Action Shots

15 Jul

It’s hard to take professional sports photos. There are so many things that have to line up for you to get the perfect photo. The best professional photographers are the ones who can recreate great photos whenever they want. Professional sports photographers have tons of knowledge and experience. They use all of this to take […]

How to Get Closer to the Action – 8 Tips

1 Jul

One of the most critical factors in getting good sports shots is that you have to get close to the action. If you can’t see the action very well, you won’t be able to photograph it well. Professional sports photographers know they have to get very close to the action in order to take good photos. […]

Burst Mode vs Single Shot

11 Jun

Many sports photographers, both newbies and experienced pros, rely on burst mode to capture the peak moment of action. However, some advanced photographers claim that single-shot mode works better for them. Is one better than the other? In this article, we’ll cover all the details you need to know. Most people new to sports photography […]