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Top 5 Lenses for Sports Photography

27 Jun

Canon 300mm f/4L IS

Camera brands offer dozens of lens choices. How do you know which ones are good for you? In this article, we’ll be talking about sports photography lenses. If you’re shooting sports, you’ll definitely want to have at least one of the lenses on this list. These lenses can generally be found across all manufacturers. I […]

Canon or Nikon – or Something Else?

12 Aug

Probably the most heated debate in the photography community is Canon vs. Nikon. Many people become attached to their favorite camera brand, and Canon and Nikon have the most loyal fans. You’ll even encounter some really intense fans (aka “fanboys”) who will do whatever it takes to promote their brand and bash the other one. […]

7 Excellent Budget Youth Sports Cameras

7 Aug

So you’re looking for a camera for youth sports photography, but you’re on a tight budget. What are some good DSLR cameras that perform well for sports shooting, but don’t break the bank? Here you go. (Note: I include only Canon and Nikon cameras here. As I explain in this article, I believe these are […]

Teleconverters – What Are They, and Should They Be Used?

7 Aug

A teleconverter (TC) is a piece of equipment that goes between your lens and camera. It magnifies the image, allowing you to zoom in more than the lens normally can. In this article, we’ll cover teleconverter basics, as well as look at when they should be used. A teleconverter is simply a piece of glass […]

Do I Need A Wide-Angle Lens for Youth Sports Photography?

5 Aug

It’s a common question: since you’ll be using a telephoto lens so much in youth sports, do you even need a wider-angle lens at all? After all, most of your action shots are far away, on the field. You generally need at least 200mm for these. And these action shots account for most of your […]

5 Must-Have Accessories for Youth Sports Photography

16 Jul

Sports photography is a unique type of photography. The requirement for a good youth sports setup are different from other types of photography. For sports, you’ll need a few accessories to ensure you’re able to capture great sports shots. Accessory #1: Fast memory cards. There are two things you should look for when buying a […]

Sensors: Full Frame or Crop?

21 Jun

Full Frame vs Crop

You’ve seen the words “full frame” and “crop” to describe sensors. Do you know what they mean? These words refer to the size of the sensor. “Full frame” simply means that the sensor is the size of a frame of 35mm film – 24×36 millimeters. In other words, full size. There are many different words […]

Canon Sports Photography Cameras (Used)

18 Jun

Canon’s older DSLRs are some of the best sports cameras ever made. Since they’re not the latest versions, they are much less expensive. But there is incredible selection and value to be found here. Older cameras may not have all the bells and whistles of today’s modern DSLRs, as technology has improved since these cameras […]

Canon Sports Photography Cameras (Current)

18 Jun

Canon currently makes quite a few cameras suitable for sports photography. Some are more expensive; some less. I recommend that you set your price range, then find the best camera in that range. Here are the top currently-manufactured Canon sports cameras: Canon 7D [$1300]. The 7D is arguable Canon’s best sports camera. While it’s certainly not […]

How to Select a Sports Camera

18 Jun

So you’ve decided to dive into sports photography. You want to get good photos of youth sports, so you’ve decided to invest in a DSLR camera. You’ve made a commitment to work hard and practice sports photography. There’s only one problem: which camera should you get? This is not an easy question. The camera market […]