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Welcome to the Canon Cameras Hub. This page is the complete resource to help you find the perfect Canon youth sports photography DSLR. Following is a list of the best current Canon DSLRs for sports photography. You can sort by price, megapixels, or any other listed feature. For more info on a specific camera, click on the camera name or image.


Continuous Shooting Rate (FPS)Autofocus (AF) System (1-5)Megapixels (MP)Sensor SizePrice (1-5)
Canon EOS 1D X
Canon 1D X
12.0518.1Full Frame$$$$$
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 7D
8.0418.0APS-C (1.6x)$$$
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark III
6.0422.3Full Frame$$$$
Canon EOS 60D
Canon 60D
5.3318.0APS-C (1.6x)$$
Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Canon Rebel T5i
5.0318.0APS-C (1.6x)$$
Canon EOS 6D
Canon 6D
4.5320.2Full Frame$$$$
Canon EOS M
Canon EOS M
4.3218.0APS-C (1.6x)$
Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Canon Rebel T3i
3.7218.0APS-C (1.6x)$
Canon EOS Rebel T3
Canon Rebel T3
3.0112.2APS-C (1.6x)$



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